Interiors By Michele: Volume Two
Title:  Interiors By Michele: Volume Two
Full Screen / 2006 / Color / NTSC
Region 1 DVD
Feature Running Time: 38 Minutes
Price: $19.95

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The Queen is back in this latest installment in a multi-volume set of DVDs that offers homeowners and DIY designers as in-depth examination of how you can make your home look like a million bucks... all on a budget!

Join noted interior decorate Michele Caprio — the Queen of Decorating on a Budget — as she guides you through an inspiring tour of six beautiful suburban homes, each with its own distinctive style and the most fabulous window treatments ever devised!

Michele also offers a treasure trove of ideas for transforming the blandest, plain vanilla space into a stunning palace through the creative use of color, paint, pattern and, of course, superlative window treatments!

So whether your budget befits a royal or a peasant, you're sure to come away with countless ideas on how to enhance your bare windows with regal window treatments.

Chock full of design hints, tips, and ideas, this unique and practical guide shows you how you too can transform your "ho-hum" home into an "oh wow" palace — all on a budget!

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